Neurosurgeons are highly trained professionals, skilled in treating all conditions and injuries involving the head, spine and nerves, including peripheral nerves and tumors of the brain.

MHSI neurosurgeons use the latest techniques in minimally invasive surgery and neuroendovascular procedures to treat stroke and aneurysm. Neurosurgeons also offer treatment for movement disorders, including Epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease.

Below is a brief list of the most common conditions and procedures MHSI neurosurgeons provide for our patients. If you have a question regarding a condition or procedure not listed, please contact us.

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Neck/Cervical Spine

·       Disc herniation

·       Cervical Stenosis

·       Artificial disc replacement

·       Cervical spine reconstruction

·       Cervical spine fusion

·       Complex spine surgery and reconstruction

·       Spine tumors

·       Spinal cord tumors

·       Rheumatoid arthritis

·       Chiari malformation

·       Cervical spine injury

·       Compression fractures

·       Upper extremity pain from disk herniation

·       Disc arthroplasty

·       Diskectomy

·       Laminectomy

·       Foraminotomy

·       Minimally invasive surgery

·       Neck pain

·       Worker’s compensation injuries

·       Auto accidents

·       Degenerative Disc Disease

·       Foraminal stenosis


Back/Lumbar Spine

·       Disc Herniation

·       Low Back Pain

·       Minimally invasive spine fusion

·       Minimally invasive spine surgery

·       Kyphoplasty for painful osteoporotic or pathological vertebral fractures

·       Spine tumors

·       Degenerative Disc Disease

·       Foraminal Stenosis

·       Spinal Cord Tumors

·       Minimally invasive laminectomy

·       Minimally invasive diskectomy

·       Minimally invasive treatment of spinal disorders of the lumbar spine

·       Vertebroplasty

·       Complex spine surgery

·       Deformity (Scoliosis, Kyphosis)

·       Worker’s compensation injuries

·       Auto accidents

·       Spine radiosurgery

·       Radiofrequency tumor ablation



·       Brain Tumors

·       Aneurysms

·       Normal pressure hydrocephalus

·       Skull tumors

·       Chiari malformation

·       Arteriovenous malformations

·       Acoustic neuromas

·       Meningiomas

·       Glioblastoma

·       Gamma Knife Radiosurgery

·       Cerebrovascular surgery

·       Craniofacial reconstruction

·       Craniofacial surgery

·       Deep brain stimulation (DBS)

·       Pseudotumor cerebri

·       Emergent treatment of ischemic stroke

·       Endovascular and open surgery for cerebral aneurysms, and vascular malformations of the brain and spine

·       Endovascular surgery

·       Head injury

·       Hydrocephalus

·       Intracranial angioplasty and stenting

·       Minimally invasive and microscopic techniques

·       Minimally invasive surgery

·       Neuro-oncology

·       Neurotrauma

·       Pediatric neurosurgery

·       Pituitary surgery

·       Safe management of brain tumors in highly functional areas

·       Skull base surgery

·       Strokes

·       Stroke care and treatment

·       Trauma


Peripheral Nerve

·       Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

·       Ulnar Neuropathy

·       Ulnar Nerve Release

·       Occipital Nerve Release

·       Occipital Nerve Stimulation


Neurosurgical Disorders

·       Epilepsy surgery

·       Movement disorders

·       Cancer

·       Degenerative spine conditions

·       Spine Injuries

·       Parkinson’s surgery

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