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Brain Videos

Stephanie was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm while she and her husband were stationed in Germany. Followed and treated for the aneurysm for years, she finally met Dr. Ali Luqman who used a distal approach through her arm into the aneurysm to prevent its growth.

Kevin K.
A very large pituitary macroadenoma tumor pressing on the optic and sinus areas and his brain stem caused Kevin to pass out and experience memory loss. After visits to several doctors, Kevin was referred to Dr. Jeffrey Jacob who performed a nasal endoscopic surgery to remove the tumor.

Stephen M.
Double vision was the first sign something was very wrong. Stephen was diagnosed with a clival chordoma, an aggressive malignant brain tumor. Kim, his wife, asked her colleagues, and everyone recommended Dr. Jeffrey Jacob. He used a nasal endoscopic approach to remove the tumor so Stephen could see his future.

Valerie F.
When Valerie learned she had a meningioma sitting on the olfactory groove of her brain, a craniotomy to remove the benign tumor was recommended. That's when she began her search for a second opinion that led her to Dr. Jeffrey Jacob. He explained a nasal endoscopic approach was best in her case. Dr. Jacob partnered with Dr. Adam Folbe, a nasal endoscopic skull base surgeon, at the Michigan Sinus and Skull Base Center, to create the opening through the sinus. Dr. Jacob then removed the tumor through her nose.

Paul M.
Paul's career as a certified registered nurse anesthetist demands 100% accuracy — no room for mistakes. The tremors in Paul's right hand meant Paul wasn't 100%. He faced losing the career he'd worked hard to achieve. Then he learned about functional neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Staudt who performed deep brain stimulation.

Donna had headaches for 15 years. After a doctor suggested an MRI she was referred to Dr. Natalia Glisky who suggested Botox treatments.

LaMonta B.
Enjoying lunch with his friends at school, LaMonta began drooling and had a severe headache. His friends recognized he was having a stroke—at 17 years old! Everything aligned to save LaMonta's life that day. Dr. Holly Gilmer was already in the OR and did immediate surgery. Meet this 17 year-old who wanted to be a surgeon even before his own medical experience!

Maureen W. 
Maureen's shooting facial pain was unbearable, Trigeminal Neuralgia was the cause.... She found Dr. Jeffrey Jacob to conduct the surgery. She has not had any pain since the surgery.

Stefan K.
When Stefan was a teen, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and told surgery wasn't necessary. Years later he experienced blurry vision in his right eye. The diagnosis was trigeminal schwannoma, a tumor at the base of his brain. Dr. Jeffrey Jacob and Dr. Seilesh Babu of the Michigan Ear Institute worked together to treat Stefan's schwannoma.  Stefan recommends two Facebook groups that helped him:  1) A facebook group called Brain Tumor Talk and 2) Schwannoma's of the head/neck.

Kevin C. 
A renown concert pianist's career could have come to an end due to a diagnosis of Acoustic Neuroma. Kevin put his trust in partners Dr. Jeffrey Jacob and Dr. Seilesh Babu who made sure that didn't happen using skull base surgery.

Debra S.
Debra met Dr. Fredrick Junn in the Emergency room. Diagnosed with a brain tumor, surgery was immediate. Debra shares her experience.

Sean C. 
When Sean was diagnosed with a very large and complex tumor at the base of his skull, his doctor suggested a visit to Dr. Jeffrey Jacob at Michigan Head & Spine Institute. As partners in Sean's surgery Dr. Seilesh Babu and Dr. Jeffrey Jacob gave Sean the opportunity to raise his children.  

Heather's Story
Heather is an RN and a busy mom. She was noticing a great deal of fatigue doing day to day functions. She had an MRI and was referred to Dr. Richard Fessler. She was diagnosed with an Unruptured Aneurysm. She had found more women in her family had Aneurysms. Dr. Richard Fessler performed an Endovascular Aneurysm Coiling. She was in the hospital for 20 hours and back home to her family!

Lisa J.
An MRI revealed that the decades of headaches Lisa had been experiencing were the result of four small brain tumors. Dr. Daniel Fahim was able to remove the masses with one incision, and Lisa was back to work two weeks after her procedure.

Letitia C.
Letitia was unable to eat and many of her motor functions were showed how Parkinson's disease was taking over her body. Her family found Dr. Frederick Junn, at Michigan Head & Spine Institute. Deep Brain Stimulation gave Letitia relief from many of her symptoms and she began to thrive again.

Paul E.
For 30 years Paul struggled to work and live his life with Essential Tremor Disorder. When Dr. Richard Veyna suggested Deep Brain Stimulation. Now Paul is in charge and uses a modulator to control the tremors, which are nearly non-existent.

Kim S.
Kim was having issues with her eye sight. Her ophthalmologist sent her to the ER where she found out she had a tumor. Dr. Daniel Fahim performed her surgery. She was so appreciative of his professionalism, skill set, the ability to make her feel comfortable.

Sal and Rose C.
Sal and Rose were both seen in the ER after suffering a life threatening traumatic experience. Dr. Daniel Fahim and Dr. Holly Gilmer have continued to be there during their on going treatment.

Keith E.
Keith used music to calm and soothe himself. He had headaches and nothing helped soothe the pain. Dr. Daniel Michael found and removed a brain tumor. Keith is back to himself, pain free. 

Margaret H.
After a car accident that caused a brain injury. Her memory was awful and would forget things. She felt that she was a completely different person after the accident. Dr. Robert Farhat explained how to heal her brain. She is back to the "old Margaret" now!

Suzanne H.
Suzanne was just not acting herself and found out she had a massive brain tumor. Dr. Richard Venya removed the tumor.

Duane S.
After suffering a massive headache, Duane's visit to the clinic ended up with a transfer to the ER. Scary as it was,  Dr. Richard Fessler explained how serious an Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) is and performed a life-saving procedure.

Eva E.
Right before sight-saving brain surgery many of the doctors told Eva, "Dr. Daniel Fahim is the best," but after surgery I knew he really is the best!

Alicia R.
For years, Alicia was unable to turn her head to look forward - her head was stuck.  Dr. Fredrick Junn recommended Deep Brain Stimulation to Alicia. Immediately after surgery, Alicia was able to move her head, now she can hold her head in the forward position without pain. 

Neck Videos

Fed up after seeing different doctors with no results, Angela sought Dr. Fernando Diaz. With a diagnosis and treatment plan in motion she was treated by Dr. Robert Farhat. Eventually, Angela had surgery and continues to see Dr. Fahat to manage pain from two auto accidents.

A near death auto accident followed by extensive surgery to save his life left Leo with ongoing pain in his neck. Reaching the end of effective steroidal injections, Leo was offered bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC). BMAC helps the body heal itself and reduces pain using one's own stem cells. For a consultation with Dr. Robert Farhat, call 248-331-6038.

David C.

An avid bicycle rider, David enjoys riding through Hines Park. On one ride he was flung over a car hood... Unsure if he would ever walk much less ride his bicycle again, emergency minimally invasive spine surgery by Dr. Daniel Fahim at MHSI not only gave him his life back, but saved his life.

Patty D.
Patty is pain-free after a cervical (neck) fusion performed by Dr. Robert Johnson. She is now able to enjoy time with her granddaughter.

Larry T.
Larry couldn't move his head due to a Cervical Disc Herniation. He did his research and discovered the Mobi-C, a Cervical Artificial Disc implanted through minimally invasive surgery performed by Dr. Richard Veyna. Today he can move his head like he used to.

Jon F.
Jon was referred to Dr. Mick Perez-Cruet after being wheelchair bound. An MRI showed he needed surgery - a corpectomy first in his neck, then surgery to repair a herniated disc six weeks later.

Christyn S.
She had pain and discomfort in her left shoulder and arm for years. After reviewing her MRI, Dr. Daniel Michael noticed a herniated disc. He performed an Anterior Decompression and Fusion.  Today she's back wake-boarding and enjoying being active again.

Charles G.
Visiting his family in Florida, Charles was involved in a boat accident, that fractured his neck. He had originally been fitted with an outdated “halo” to heal his broken neck, but Dr. Daniel Fahim was able to repair the injury with a simple operation. Today, Charles is pain free and swinging his golf clubs once again.

Joshua B.
When Josh's motorcycle collided with a mini van, he landed in the ER where he met Dr. Tejpaul Pannu of Michigan Head & Spine Institute. The accident caused herniations in cervical discs, which were replaced with a Mobi-C artificial disc.

Spine Videos

An avid runner in college carried through to his 28 year-old adult life, able to clock 50 - 80 miles per week. When Joe could no longer run due to the pain in his right leg, he noticed his stride changed and he experienced a drop foot. Diagnosed with spondylolysis with an abnormal movement, a fracture that allows abnormal movement of his spine called pars interarticularis. To correct Joe's condition, Dr. Perez-Cruet performed a minimally invasive spine fusion with specially designed instrumentation to help restore the height of the disc using Joe's own bone, because this technique has shown more than a 95% rate of fusion.

Bonnie’s journey with back pain began at age 25 and progressed over the years to the point where walking was excruciating and debilitating. The day she barely walked into the ER she was referred to Dr. Kevin Lee. After testing, he realized the expertise of Dr. Mick Perez-Cruet was what Bonnie needed. Dr. Perez-Cruet diagnosed Bonnie with neurogenic claudication from spinal stenosis. She had degenerative disc disease with disc herniation. He performed a decompressive laminectomy and micro disectomy on multiple discs with decompression and fusion with instrumentation (hardware to hold her spine in place). Bonnie got her very active life back.

Seham experienced searing pain from her back down her leg. After several visits with different neurosurgeons, Seham chose Dr. Luqman to release the sciatic nerve from being compressed by discs in her back.

Not commonly diagnosed, some back pain is actually caused by the sacroiliac joint. Dave's condition had gone undiagnosed for decades until he met Dr. Daniel Fahim at Michigan Head & Spine Institute. Dave's back pain was actually relieved with a sacroiliac joint fusion, performed using a minimally invasive procedure during an outpatient surgery. Today Dave runs his coffee shop and spends hours standing, lifting and moving freely.

When Cynthia experienced severe back pain, she knew just who to call. Dr. Daniel Fahim of Michigan Head & Spine Institute performed a TLIF - transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion. This minimally invasive procedure repaired the damaged discs, and relieved the compression on the nerve that caused her severe leg pain.

It was always Wayne's right leg, to the very bottom of his foot where he had intense pain and sometimes couldn't even walk. When his primary doctor referred him to Dr. Daniel Fahim at Michigan Head & Spine Institute, he learned his L5-S1 disc had collapsed, crushing the nerve that resulted in his pain. Dr. Fahim performed a ALIF, an anterior lumbar interbody fusion. Through an incision in the belly Dr. Fahim restored the alignment of the spine and took pressure off the nerve to relieve Wayne's pain.

Tony W.
As a business owner, back pain kept Tony from his physically demanding job. He learned during a TeleHealth visit only surgery could relieve his pain and despite COVID-19 causing hospitals to reduce surgeries, it was necessary. Dr. Ratnesh Mehra performed a spinal fusion which got Tony back to work -- and dancing!


A very active teen, Cayleen learned to compensate for the curvature of her spine that caused her ribs and clavicle to not be aligned. Diagnosed with Scoliosis, she did her own research and chose Dr. Ratnesh Mehra to perform surgery to straighten her spine—which made her taller!

Daniel W.

Daniel felt pain in his upper back and down his legs while he stood or slept. He took suggestions from his daughter, a nurse, and her friends on who to go see about the pain. He first saw an orthopedic surgeon who offered open surgery. Then he saw the other recommendation, Dr. Daniel Fahim who did a minimally invasive spine surgery. Today Daniel is back on his bike!

Donella and Andrew

Lifting a pencil was impossible for Andrew. Constantly in pain, he couldn't even sleep. Then Andrew found Dr. Daniel Fahim and learned he needed two surgeries - neck and back!  After Andrew's minimally invasive laminectomy, Donella (Dee) decided it was her turn to be relieved of back pain, she had a minimally invasive TLIF.

Now, these Army veterans are back to actively living their lives.

Christine R.

Christine led a very active life before she was diagnosed with post-menopausal osteoporosis, and when crippling back pain began to make the simplest daily tasks unbearable it became clear that she needed to seek help. After Dr. Fahim at the Michigan Head and Spine Institute reviewed her MRI, Christine learned that a minimally invasive procedure called Kyphoplasty was all that she needed to feel well once more. Christine is now pain-free and working toward her lifelong goal of participating in a 60-mile breast cancer walk. 

Ian D
A rough carpenter, Ian dropped to his knees in pain while lifting a wall. He experienced a ruptured disc which created sciatica down his legs -- he couldn't walk.   

Dr. Fernando Diaz performed an ALIF (Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion). Post-surgery Ian worked with Dr. Diaz' partner Dr. John Marshall, a physiatrist, to get back to work. Now he can lift 150 pounds over his head.


Karol had severe pain in her lower back, down her legs into her feet caused by Spondylolisthesis. Walking her dog was excruciatingly painful, yet her job demanded she be on her feet most of the day. A work colleague recommended Dr. Daniel Fahim who performed a Minimally Invasive TLIF (Transformaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion) and today there's no slowing Karol down.

Joanne C. 
After seeking help from several doctors, Joanne found Dr. Fredrick Junn at Michigan Head & Spine Institute. Before surgery she couldn't stand for even a few minutes, but today she's back to baking cookies with her granddaughter.

Cherrie A.

Cherrie had very complicated spine disorders. As a nurse, she got to the point where walking was impossible. She knew Dr. Fredrick Junn from working with him and his patients and when surgery was the only way to relive pain, she sought him out at Michigan Head & Spine Institute.

Dino A.

After 10 years of not being able to put weight on his left leg, Dino was referred to Dr. Richard Fessler. He was diagnosed with a ruptured disc, after surgery he immediately was relieved of pain.

Tom D.
Decades of hard work and a failed spine surgery brought Tom to Dr. Richard Fessler. Barely able to walk with cold hands and feet, Tom's symptoms were immediately relieved when the pressure was removed from the spinal cord in two areas in his back and neck.

Walter C.
Walter's back pain was determined to be from disc deterioration, but it was not bad enough for surgery. Instead Dr. Henry Tong performed spinal injections along with physical therapy to strengthen his back. Walter is back to enjoying his retirement!

Diane M.
For 15 years Diane experienced chronic back pain, struggling to make it through a work day, to ride in the car, and to stand in her own kitchen for more than a few minutes. After a simple outpatient procedure and a series of injections by her physiatrist, she is back on her feet once again.

Cindy W.
When Cindy was younger she collided with another person playing softball. After several back surgeries she was still in pain. Then she was referred to Dr. Daniel Fahim she had minimally invasive surgery to relieve the pain.  He removed all the "parts" from previous surgeries and Cindy's brother made a car from them.

John U. 
John had a spinal surgery 25 years ago and was once again experiencing pain. His daughter insisted he see Dr. Mick Perez-Cruet.  Following his surgery, John is back to tending to his horse farm.

Corine S.
Corine was active, playing soccer and strength training. The chronic back pain extended down into her legs. She had been to Michigan Head and Spine when her husband need help and appreciated that  Dr. Mick Perez-Cruet helped him, so why not her too!

Darell H. 
A vacation with his family came to an abrupt halt when Darell began to experience unbearable pain in his left leg. The pain he experienced was caused by arthritis and nerve compression in his lumbar spine. Dr. Daniel Fahim performed a one-hour minimally invasive procedure offered the relief Darryl needed.

Earline H.
Earline was a bus driver, her legs and back hurt at night. She went to see Dr. Daniel Fahim she had minimally invasive spinal surgery.

Deanna P.
An athletic, active mom Deanna was stopped in her tracks. A vertebra slipped causing great pain and difficulty walking. Deanna's primary care doctor knew immediately she needed the help of Dr. Perez-Cruet.

Peggy W.
Peggy had shooting pain from her back to the back of her legs. She had tried physical therapy, injections and chiropractor visits. Dr. Daniel Fahim performed minimally invasive operation on the specific areas of the compression of the nerves.

Tyler B and Trish.
Tyler had back pain, leg pain and had urinary accidents from a young age of 3 years old. Dr. Holly Gilmer diagnosed Tyler with a Tethered Spinal Cord.

Gerry M.
Gerry has been dancing the Argentine Tango for most of his life, but last year severe arthritis of the spine brought his dance career to a halt. After countless non surgical therapies Gerry knew it was time to get his neck and back pain evaluated. After the initial evaluation Dr. Goldberger saw degeneration of the spine which happens over time. Before surgery he wondered if he'd ever tango again, but after surgery at 81-years old Gerry is now pain free and dancing once more.

Penny P.
Penny is a very active person. She noticed that she would get pain in her leg and back. Dr. John Marshall decided to do epidural injections into her herniated disc.

Nancy B.
Nancy was a passionate teacher that was having a hard time standing and even walking. Dr. Todd Nida performed a minimally invasive surgery.

George K.
A successful two level minimally invasive laminectomy performed by Dr. Daniel Fahim, eliminated George's severe sciatic pain in his lower back and hip.

Jeff T.
After visits with several doctors, the cause of Jeff's debilitating pain was finally diagnosed, thanks to Dr. Robert Farhat and Dr. Richard Veyma now his life is on reboot.

Roy G.
Roy was in a car at a stop light when he got rear-ended. The pain from the accident got worse as time went on as the pain started going down his leg. Roy went in to see Dr. Daniel Fahim about his pain, when they took a look at the MRI they saw a nerve being pinched. Dr. Fahim recommended a minimally invasive procedure that will take the pressure off the nerve. Roy now has no pain.

Charlton W.
A pinched nerve in Charlton's back caused pain down his leg.  After a tough night on stage, he knew he needed relief from the pain.  After Dr. Daniel Fahim performed an outpatient, minimally invasive Laminotomoy relieved the pressure, he was back to dancing on stage.

Stevie C.
Stevie experienced tingling in her left foot, lack of balance, tender fingers and pain in her side extending into her rib cage. Stevie knew it was time to get a work up - where she was put on medication and sent to physical therapy. The problem area was now her neck and was sent to see Dr. Daniel Fahim at MHSI where she was diagnosed with cervical stenosis. Dr. Fahim preformed a multi-level laminectomy infusion that left Stevie feeling pain free and ready to take on retirement.

Cenia F.
After a car accident she had neck and lower back pain and treated it with physical therapy. She wasn't getting any relief so she was referred to Dr. Miguel Lis-Planells at Michigan Head and Spine.

Michelle had headaches and couldn't hear well, a diagnosis of Chiari resulted. Her research led to Dr. Holly Gilmer at Michigan Head & Spine Institute. She moved her family from Tennessee to Michigan. Following successful Chiari decompression surgery, Michelle's husband gifted her a very special tattoo to celebrate.

Tyler H.
After being diagnosed with Chiari Malformation, Tyler's mom Jennifer was advised surgery was not yet necessary. But when Tyler landed in the ER, it was time to find a Chiari specialist. She found Dr. Holly Gilmer.

Maggie M.
Maggie had headaches, trouble with swallowing, and ringing in her ears. Dr. Holly Gilmer diagnosed her with Chiari Malformation. 

UPDATE:  Maggie went on to become a fire fighter, in addition to being a college professor.

Zeke P.
Zeke had pressure behind his eyes and headaches. After being diagnosed with Chiari Malformation his mom conducted research and found Dr. Holly Gilmer. Travelling from out of state, Zeke had surgery, did well and was back home very quickly.

Tina M.
Finally the answer Tina had prayed for. After decades of misdiagnoses, excruciating pain, dizziness and near blindness a correct diagnosis of Chiari brought Tina to Dr. Holly Gilmer at Michigan Head & Spine Institute.

Lu Anna D.
Lu Anna had constant headaches. She went to multiple doctors for any sort of relief. She kept doing research which brought her to Dr. Holly Gilmer who diagnosed her with Chiari Malformation.

Shenna and Tammy
Tammy, diagnosed with Chiari Malformation, recognized her mother Sheena had the same symptoms during her first visit with Dr. Holly Gilmer.  They both had Chiari malformation decompression surgery and both recovered from constant severe headaches and dizziness.

Amy S. 
Amy is a teacher she would have headaches and fought to stay awake. She had been diagnosed with Chiari Malformation eight years before she met Dr. Holly Gilmer.  Amy was able to return to her classroom and her ability to sleep returned. 

Ezra, Katelyn and Mom.
Two years earlier … Kate was first to be diagnosed with Chiari, then Ezra. Mindy and Jeremy began a journey to heal their kids that led to Dr. Holly Gilmer in Southfield.

Update:  Both children are doing well, happy and healthy.

Zion D.
Zion traveled from Arizona to Michigan to have Dr. Holly Gilmer conduct surgery for her Chiari Malformation.

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