Dear Michigan Head and Spine Institute,

Please pass this on to Dr Diaz next time you see him. I went to a concert last night at the Royal Oak Theatre. We had to stand in line outside for a half hour. We were seated in a row of high barstools (I cringed when I saw them).

Prior to my surgery, going back several years, I couldn’t have accomplished either of these. After we got out of concert I felt a little stiff, as did my other 3 friends I went with. I figured I’d really hurt the next morning. Well guess what, it’s morning and I feel fine. 

Dr. Diaz got what’s been hurting me for several years. I’ve been living with this pain for a long time. I went to several Dr’s over the years, I endured two prior laminectomy’s. 

To me, it’s like a miracle, I figured I’d have to live with this pain the rest of my life.

Thank you Dr Diaz for giving me my life back!!


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