Neck Videos

Fed up after seeing different doctors with no results, Angela sought Dr. Fernando Diaz. With a diagnosis and treatment plan in motion she was treated by Dr. Robert Farhat. Eventually, Angela had surgery and continues to see Dr. Fahat to manage pain from two auto accidents.

A near death auto accident followed by extensive surgery to save his life left Leo with ongoing pain in his neck. Reaching the end of effective steroidal injections, Leo was offered bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC). BMAC helps the body heal itself and reduces pain using one's own stem cells. For a consultation with Dr. Robert Farhat, call 248-331-6038.

Patty D.
Patty is pain-free after a cervical (neck) fusion performed by Dr. Robert Johnson. She is now able to enjoy time with her granddaughter.

Larry T.
Larry couldn't move his head due to a Cervical Disc Herniation. He did his research and discovered the Mobi-C, a Cervical Artificial Disc implanted through minimally invasive surgery performed by Dr. Richard Veyna. Today he can move his head like he used to.

Jon F.
Jon was referred to Dr. Mick Perez-Cruet after being wheelchair bound. An MRI showed he needed surgery - a corpectomy first in his neck, then surgery to repair a herniated disc six weeks later.

Christyn S.
She had pain and discomfort in her left shoulder and arm for years. After reviewing her MRI, Dr. Daniel Michael noticed a herniated disc. He performed an Anterior Decompression and Fusion.  Today she's back wake-boarding and enjoying being active again.

Joshua B.
When Josh's motorcycle collided with a mini van, he landed in the ER where he met Dr. Tejpaul Pannu of Michigan Head & Spine Institute. The accident caused herniations in cervical discs, which were replaced with a Mobi-C artificial disc.

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